Some airlines will have more lenient policies towards traveling with your mountain bike than others so we recommend calling or emailing with the airline you’re considering traveling with, before you actually buy the tickets. You can review those policies before buying the tickets. Some airlines like United, will charge USD $300 both ways for traveling with your bike, avoid those crazy up-charges if possible.

Traveling with your bike

We certainly recommend traveling with your bike to enjoy the experience to the fullest. If you are new to traveling with your mountain bike, we certainly have some good information, tips, and suggestions to make your traveling experience a better one.



Bike bag or box

Getting your bike in one piece to your destination should always be high on the priority list, reason why we suggested getting a proper BIKE BAG. There are many options out there, ranging from USD $200-$500, the better ones like the Chainreactioncycles Pro Bag or the EVOC MTB bag are excellent investment options.

If getting one is out of the question just wrap soft material like spare clothes or proper protective material around the vital parts of the bike like derailleur, bars, before you stick in a MTB box. Here is a video of how to properly pack a mountain bike for traveling.


* If bringing your own bike, you must make sure to have it professionally serviced before the trip.