Is ride ecuador for you?

  • You like riding DH/AM the most and have a full-suspension bike, with hydraulic disk brakes and at least 5-6” of travel; in perfect shape.
  • You can manage technical terrain, like rocky steeps, roots, rock gardens, and terrain features such as old stone steps and natural humps.
  • You've ridden some jumps and features (i.e. north-shore), or wouldn't mind trying (you can always ride around all the them on the local trails).
  • You're not afraid to get out of your cultural comfort zone and experience something different, like visiting local artisan shops or restaurants were local/ exotic dishes and beverages are served.
  • You like to support local businesses and communities when traveling.

Skill level

Level 1 – Novice

  • You have virtually no experience with off-road mountain biking
  • You may have done some road riding
  • You may be a casual commuter

Level 2 – Beginner

  • You’ve been mountain biking for 1 year or less.
  • You enjoy it but still lack the skills to tackle terrain beyond beginner level
  • You know how to use your gears and brakes properly but when the terrain gets technical you have to get off your bike and walk
  • You can handle single-track as long as it is smooth and with few rocks or roots

Level 3 — Intermediate

  • You’ve been mountain biking for at least 1 + years and have decent general riding skills and good fitness
  • You’re capable of controlling bike speed and direction on moderate single-track
  • You ride at least 2-3 times/month during riding season

Level 4 – Strong Intermediate

  • You’ve been mountain biking for about 2-3 years, and have solid intermediate skills
  • You can handle rugged terrain, have good control of your brakes and know how to shift gears appropriately so that you don’t get off your bike too often
  • You can handle terrain that is slightly technical, with smaller rocks and roots, small drops. (although you may walk a few sections)
  • You can climb on single-track as long as it is not technical

Level 5 – Advanced

  • You’ve been mountain biking for at least 3-4 years and are very confident in all aspects of mountain biking
  • You can handle most technical terrain, include rocky and root trails, along with features such as switchbacks, medium level drops, small jumps
  • You’re comfortable with most advanced level trails

Level 6 – Expert

  • You have been mountain biking for over 6 years and are confident riding all types of terrain and distances.
  • You ride as often as possible and can handle very technical terrain and stunts, such as steep roll-ins, drops(over 4 ft high) and medium jumps
  • You can descend technical steeps, and climb technical single-track.
  • You have done some competition for either aggressive XC, Enduro, or DH

Level 7 – Pro

  • You have been, or are currently competing in either XC, Enduro, or DH races for a living. 
  • You are a sponsored/pro mountain biker.

Fitness level

Level 1

  • You are somewhat of a couch potato
  • Every climb is challenging and you cannot ride for more than 1 hour on mountain terrain at a time

Level 2

  • You have average fitness and are capable of riding 1-2 hours a day at a relaxed pace
  • You can handle one or two easy climbs of up to 200 vertical meters (650 ft)
  • You exercise once a week for minimum 45 minutes

Level 3

  • You are capable of riding 2-3 hours a day at a moderate pace (with breaks)
  • You can handle one or two climbs a day up to a total of 400 vertical meters (1,300 ft)
  • You exercise regularly throughout the year, at least twice a week for an hour

Level 4

  • You can ride 3-4 hours a day at a moderate pace (with breaks)
  • You can handle two or three climbs of up to a total of 600 vertical meters (2,000 ft) in a day.
  • You exercise at least 3 times a week for at least an hour

Level 5

  • You can ride up to 6 hours a day, and tackle almost any climb the mountain throws at you.
  • You can handle sustained climbs of up to 1,500m (5,000) ft. and up to 3 hours (with breaks)
  • You train regularly for endurance events